Tired of carrying a giant wallet better suited for a filing cabinet than your back pocket or handbag? The tie-fold wallet, a unique recycled wallet, has four off set, card-sized pockets that hold your credit cards tightly while maintaining a slim, compact shape. Two larger inner pockets keep your cash, receipts, more cards and other small items tucked safely inside. Less really is more — it's more style too.

There are two pocket styles available, wallets with 4 pockets facing up and wallets with 2 pockets up and 2 pockets down.  If you find a wallet you like, you'll know the pocket configuration by looking at the picture detail.

As a Men's Wallet it does well, but Women have found this to be valuable by placing their most used cards and other items into the tie-fold, and then swap it from purse to purse. It's a perfect Women's wallet gift.

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