Product Details

Determine the sizing of each product (hint: all the wallets are the same dimensions) and look at the pocket placement and features to get a feel for how it will function when you carry it.

Narwhal Co. - Tie-Fold Wallet

The Tie-Fold stands vertical 4" (10.16cm) with a width of 3" (7.62cm). There are 6 total pockets. There are two pocket configurations on the interior, one with all 4 pockets oriented at the top and another (as shown in the pictures) where the pockets are oriented opposite, two facing upward, two facing down. The opposite orientation allows the wallet to lay flat when cards are fully loaded in the wallet whereas the all top oriented pockets will bulge a bit. Please look at the pictures to determine its orientation.

Tie-fold Unique Men's Wallet Tie-fold Unique Women's Card Wallet
Tie-fold Custom Fabric Wallet Tie-fold Fabric Wallet
 Tie-fold Card Case
Narwhal Co. - Tie-Rack Wallet

The Tie-Rack is a traditional minimalist wallet with a vertical of 3" (7.62cm) and a horizontal of 4" (10.16cm). It has two forward facing pockets and an interior pocket.  

Tie-rack Men's Minimalist Wallet Tie-rack Women's Minimalist Card Case
Tie-rack Fabric Wallet Tie-rack Unique Fabric Wallet
 Tie-rack Custom Wallet
Narwhal Co. - Tie-Slim Wallet

The Tie-Slim wallet has a 4" (10.16cm) vertical with a 3" (7.62cm) horizontal length with two upper pockets and a full inner pocket. This is our most minimalist wallet and is loved by many due to its stylish display while being very slim in the pocket.

Tie-slim Minimalist Wallet Tie-slim Minimalist Unique Wallet
Tie-slim Unique Wallet Tie-slim Fabric Men's Wallet
 Tie-slim Front Pocket Wallet

The Tie-Passport holder has a 4" (10.16cm) horizontal with a 5.5" (13.97cm) vertical heighth closed. When opened, it has two card pockets on the left capable of holding 4-6 cards, along with a pen sleeve at the bottom. The right hand side has a pocket to slide travel documents and a passport into. The Tie-Passport comes with the travel pen displayed, which is only 3.35" (8.5cm) in length, by .31" (.79cm) in diameter. Despite its smaller size, it's sturdy, made of high gauge steel, and still large enough to work with most sized hands.