Product Details

Determine the sizing of each product (hint: all the wallets are the same dimensions) and look at the pocket placement and features to get a feel for how it will function when you carry it.


Narwhal Co. - Tie-Fold Wallet

Tie-fold Unique Men's Wallet Tie-fold Unique Women's Card Wallet
Tie-fold Custom Fabric Wallet Tie-fold Fabric Wallet
 Tie-fold Card Case


Narwhal Co. - Tie-Rack Wallet

Tie-rack Men's Minimalist Wallet Tie-rack Women's Minimalist Card Case
Tie-rack Fabric Wallet Tie-rack Unique Fabric Wallet
 Tie-rack Custom Wallet


Narwhal Co. - Tie-Slim Wallet

Tie-slim Minimalist Wallet Tie-slim Minimalist Unique Wallet
Tie-slim Unique Wallet Tie-slim Fabric Men's Wallet
 Tie-slim Front Pocket Wallet