Most frequently asked questions regarding Narwhal products.

Q:    Are your products truly “unique”?
A:     Yes they are!  Each tie we save from the landfill is unique.  Often, we are able to cut two wallets from a single tie, but the wallets will never be the same style.
Q:    I’ve noticed an imperfection on my wallet, what’s up?
A:    Every wallet is created from a used, recycled tie.  All ties are dry-cleaned as part of the preparation and great care is taken to ensure each wallet is the best it can be.  However, the character of the origins of the material is shown at times, with occasional tag glue, or tag knots present.  Consider it part of the history and provenance of the accessory.
Q:    My wallet seems to be stretched over time.  Can I fix this?
A:    Over time, as more cards, keys and money is added, the wallets will naturally stretch.  What makes Narwhal accessories awesome is that by quickly throwing it in the washing machine with your other wash will bring it back to its original size.