Most frequently asked questions regarding Narwhal products.

Q:    Are your products truly “unique”?
A:     Yes, our tie wallets are completely unique!  Each tie we save from the landfill is unique and each cut is different.  Often, we are able to cut two wallets from a single tie, and we try to ensure the wallets will never be the same style.
Q:    How do I change the ink refill in my NarwhalCo pen?
A:    After doing it once you'll never forget.  Click here for the instructions.

Q:    I pulled the top off my pen to change the refill but somethings wrong?
A:    Every so often there's a pen which wasn't clamped tight enough during manufacturing.  When this happens, when the top is pulled off, it pulls all the bottom bits with it.  This makes the pen unusable and should be replaced.  This is covered under NarwhalCo's warranty.  Please contact us at warranty@narwhalcompany.com and a new pen will be shipped out to you.

Q:   How do I make a pen refill request?
A:   As long as you're registered you can make a request for 2 free refills up to twice per year, shipped free within the United States (International shipping applies).  Please go here, to make a request

Q:   Why are pen refills free?  Why can't I purchase them?
A:   Due to the unique size of these pens, the refill size is also unique which is why you won't find them easily elsewhere.  We could have charged our customers for refills, but felt providing extra value was more important, so they're free and shipped free in the United States and at cost everywhere else.

Q:   My pen is leaking what can I do?
A:   Leaking pens are like death and taxes, they will always happen given the right circumstances.  The only thing that prevents leaking from getting on things is a cap...that's why there are caps with pens.  Retractable pens always run the risk.  The reason pens leak is due to the pen, and thereby the ink warming up in a pocket or where it's been placed.  Once that happens the ink liquifies and oozes around the tip.  At the other end of the tube is a small grease plug which, along with the adhesive force which binds to ink to the refill walls lessens in strength.  When this happens, ink will flow.  It is recommended to use the felt cover/insert that the pen came in to lessen the effect of ink leakage.  If your pen happens to fall prey to this problem, contact us and we'll help out.

Q:    I’ve noticed an imperfection on my wallet, what’s up?
A:    Every tie wallet is created from a used, recycled tie or 100% recycled material.  All ties are dry-cleaned as part of the preparation and great care is taken to ensure each wallet is the best it can be.  However, the character of the origins of the material is shown at times, with occasional tag glue, or tag knots present.  Consider it part of the history and provenance of the accessory.

Additionally, there are different weaving and sewing methods used in the creation of the original fabric tie, which can affect the integrity of the material, which can affect its durability.  If you feel your wallet has not performed satisfactorily, please let us know so we can replace it.
Q:    My wallet seems to be stretched over time.  Can I fix this?
A:    Over time, as more cards, keys and money is added, the wallets will naturally stretch.  What makes Narwhal accessories awesome is that by quickly throwing it in the washing machine and dryer with your other items, it will shrink back to its original size (just be sure to empty it first :)