Warranty Registration

Signing up for the Narwhal product warranty is very simple, and since we back our products 100%, it's simple to ensure you're covered. Warranty coverage is complete and easy.
    1. If you register (within 30 days of purchase) and maintain your registration subscription (no subscription cancellation event), and do not seek a refund, you'll be covered! Within the period of this warranty, Narwhal Company will replace, free of charge, any covered product proving defective in material, or workmanship,
    2. If you want to make a claim, all you have to do is email (or snail mail) a picture of the damaged product, along with the proof of purchase to warranty@narwhalcompany.com and we'll send a replacement to you free of charge!  If you’re requesting a pen refill, send along a proof of purchase and they will be shipped to you free of charge (United States only, maximum of 2 times per year). If it's a wallet, please contact us separately to determine if the claim is a performance issue relating to fabric.
    3. Proof of purchase definition.  This could be a screen shot of the e-commerce or email receipt from the site purchased, no big deal.
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Read the full warranty details below


Covered Product:

Includes all products manufactured, branded and sold by Narwhal Company under the "Narwhalco" branded product (Covered Product). It does not cover third-party products sold on the Narwhal Company website.


Applies to any verified buyer ("Buyer") of a Covered Product, who successfully submits an online registration, confirms the registration, remains a continuous subscriber with Narwhal Company (does not cancel their subscription anytime during ownership) and does not return the product for a refund. Buyer agrees to be contacted from time to time via email regarding Covered Product or other potential offerings.

Limitation of Damages:

In no event shall Narwhal Company be liable for consequential damages for breach of this warranty. Some States do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the limitation or exclusion contained herein may not apply to the buyer.

Warranty Coverage:

Narwhal Company warrants the Covered Product to be free of all defects in material and workmanship for the life of the product from the documented time of purchase and damage resulting from wear and tear. This warranty extends only to the original buyer. Within the period of this warranty, Narwhal Company will replace, free of charge; any product proving defective in material, workmanship, lost or worn out through successful usage. Pen refills are covered for a lifetime with free shipping (United States only), up to 2 requests per year.  International requests will be sent an email with a payment link for shipping.  All expenses related to replacing the product under this warranty shall be assumed by Narwhal Company.

How to Obtain Warranty Service:

Buyer should contact Narwhal Company at the information below.

The buyer does not have to return the product, but can simple snail mail or email a picture of the damaged product, including a copy of the original purchase receipt (email printout, etc.) and a description of the problem to the address below.

Attn: Warranty Coverage:
Narwhal Company
125 E Main St #333
American Fork, Utah 84003

Product Registration:

We recommend that the buyer fill out and submit the registration information contained at http://www.narwhalco.com/warranty. This will facilitate any warranty service, if needed. Warranty coverage will be forfeited by buyer if a successfully submitted online registration is not completed, confirmed and maintained. Any subscription cancellation from the registration mailing database or return of product through refund will nullify warranty coverage.

Notice to Buyer:

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. You have the right to bring any action at law or equity to resolve disputes concerning or to enforce the provisions of this warranty. If the buyer disagrees over either's performance under the terms of this warranty, the buyer may submit the matter for resolution to arbitration first. The buyer shall not be responsible for expenses incurred in submitting a dispute for resolution under the terms of this paragraph. The buyer is required to submit any dispute for resolution under this paragraph before pursuing any legal remedies to which he or she may be entitled.

Narwhal Company
125 E Main St #333
American Fork, Utah 84003