About us


NarwhalCo, the Original Recycled Tie Wallet company, started in early 2007 after spending too many hours in front of a computer screen during a forty-plus hour work week.

The idea to make accessories out of neglected, men's neckties ready for the landfill and other 100% recyclable material emerged from a series of brainstorming sessions.

NarwhalCo eventually moved out of the brain and into the organization you see today.

This has evolved into product lines using 100% recycled fabric, leather goods and wallet accessories like pens, which are made from recyclable material.

For over 15 years we've produced products that have produced loyal customers due to the durability and unique value of the wallets and accessories they carry, all while contributing to keep our environment clean by reducing what goes to the landfill.

Ultimately, NarwhalCo was founded to produce a unique and green product that people would want to own, with simple, minimalistic designs that accommodate how people carry wallets.

Why the Narwhal?  Many ask, Narwhals are the unicorn's of the sea...unicorns are rare (VERY rare :), and in real life, Narwhals' conservation status is "near threatened".  Our Tie wallets are one-of-a-kind...rare indeed.  Thanks for asking! 

5513 W 11000 N
Suite 444
Highland, Utah 84003

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