About us

Unique Mens Wallets, Recycled, Vintage Necktie Accessories :: Narwhal Company

Narwhal Company, the Original Recycled Tie Wallet company, started in early 2007 after spending too many hours in front of a computer screen during a 9-6, forty-plus hour work week. An entrepreneur at heart, the idea to make accessories out of neckties emerged from a series of brainstorming sessions.

Narwhal Co. eventually moved out of the brain and into a basement. Borrowing a sewing machine and setting to work learning how to sew after work and on the weekends led to the products you see today. With enough positive feedback, accompanied by sales at a local artist market, the concept was loved and the products flowed.

Narwhal Co. was founded to produce a unique and green product that people would want to own and provide quality employment for people who might not have it otherwise. All materials are purchased and all product manufacturing is conducted within the United States.

Why the Narwhal?  Many ask, Narwhals are the unicorn's of the sea..unicorns are rare, and in real life, Narwhals' conservation status is "near threatened".  Our wallets are one-of-a-kind...rare indeed.  Thanks for asking! 


125 E. Main St #333
American Fork, Utah 84003