Wallets for Men - Design & Style Considerations

October 10, 2017

Wallets for Men - Design & Style Considerations

Choosing wallets for men is as much about design and style as it is the occasion, and indeed, the man himself. In fact, one’s accessory arsenal might contain a variety of styles and textures, each dependent on the practicality of the event. 


Money Clip
The most basic organizer can be more than just a mere clip. The streamlined design of many clips also offers enough pocket space to accommodate a driver’s license and credit card. It fits neatly into the front pocket for easy access and safety, and eliminates the excess bulk of a traditional wallet.

Card Holder
The card holder offers the same slim design style as the clip with the exception of the clip, and the exterior pockets accommodate a license, card, and cash.

Bifold Wallet
The bifold is a practical choice in wallets for men. It folds in half and offers a slim design for the back pocket. Its design can be elegant of playful, but it usually accommodates a license display and more cards than the card holder, and ID space. Some have coin pockets, and bills, are displayed for easy access within the long pocket behind the card section. 

Trifold Wallet
As the name suggests, this style folds into thirds, and as such, creates more bulk in back pocket. This style usually allows for up to ten cards in the individual slots, and offers a pocket behind each card section. The bill compartment is contained in the section behind the cards, and is easily organized and accessed once the wallet is opened. 

Coat Wallet
Coat wallets for men are designed to fit inside the coat or jacket pocket. They are longer than the billfold style, are a bifold, and typically accommodate a checkbook in addition to cards and cash. 

Travel Wallet
While not recommended for everyday wear, these wallets are the perfect go to for the traveling man. They hold all of your necessary documents, such as passport and tickets, as well as cash and cards. Closure can be either zip or snap. 

Wallets for Men - Types

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a process used to access personal information from cards. They “use electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects” (Wikipedia). A wallet with RFID blocking contains a netting design constructed of material intended to interfere with the waves. However, the usefulness of RFID has been questioned.  Don't spend too much to get this as it's really not needed.

Wallets aren’t just about leather these days. With eco-friendly consciousness on the rise, the material used to construct these compact carryalls is as vast as the imagination. 

Still the most widely accepted wallet material, there are many choices within this category. According to the article entitled “Here’s the Truth About ‘Genuine Leather," on the Business Insider site, the type and quality of the leather produced depends on the process, as follows:

Genuine Leather – the lowest quality leather that consist of layers bonded together.

Top-grain Leather – mid-range in quality, and is able to be classified as fine leather. The full-grain leather is split, and this top-grain layer is sanded to remove imperfections. A fake grain is stamped on to the hide, and it’s color treated. 

Full-grain Leather – It is the top-quality product, and utilizes the full grain of the hide with all of its imperfections. This type of leather is the most durable, and ages with a rich patina.

On the plus side, silicone wallets are waterproof. A negative, however, is that It’s difficult to slide in and out of pants pockets as it has a tendency to grab other fabric.  This is great to prevent pick pockets, but not so great when you want to retrieve your wallet.

Recycled Billboard Vinyl
Durable, waterproof, unique, environmentally sound, and affordable. What more could you want in a wallet?

Not your average wallet. Its thin design is definitely for the minimalist, with room for a couple of cards and cash. Tear resistant and super thin, the possibilities are comparable to origami options. The clever art and price point, as well as the sustainability factor, make this option a keeper.

Upcycled Polyester Ties
Another streamlined design for those who carry a limited amount of information. There are a couple of slots sewn into the interior with the bill opening directly behind. It maintains the same design elements as listed above, while utilizing repurposed polyester mens tie materials.

Kevlar and Carbon Fiber
Durable and secure. The combination of materials makes this wallet a definite go to when traveling, participating in outdoor events, or just going to the corner for a cup of coffee. The Kevlar creates durability, and coupled with the carbon fiber’s ability to block unwanted data snooping, this is the perfect choice for all-around use.

The above is just a glimpse into the world of wallet material. There are many more upcycled options from which to choose.

Wallets for Men - Color

Why pigeon hole your wallet world into the same old black and brown. While there’s nothing at all wrong with traditional color choices, and they do have their place, the world of color is not only accepted, it’s the latest in statement accessorizing. From hand-painted to playful design stamped, the colors and choices are endless. 

Closing Thoughts

Definitely keep your browns and blacks for the right occasion, but have a little fun, feel good about adding to the eco-aware movement, and stretch your imagination without breaking your wallet. Take a look at the options, choose a style and design that suits your lifestyle, and pull out that style statement.

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