7 1/2 Best Minimalist Wallets. Period.

by Mark Ward January 17, 2017

7 1/2 Best Minimalist Wallets. Period.

It doesn’t take one long to figure out that men are fickle when it comes to wallets, especially the best minimalist wallet.  Wallet’s to men are like earrings to women, or even better, shoes.  No, they’re not like purses…anyway, men collect wallets.  There is always an excuse to buy a new one.  To that end, everyone has an opinion on which is the best.  Well, we have one too.  I think however, unlike the usual Internet websites that shovel news around for a living, a wallet company like ours, has more rating juice.

So, to that end, here are the 7 and 1/2 best minimalist wallets we see on the market.  THESE ARE IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER, because we love wallets so much, that it’s hard to tell your children who’s your favorite.  You can try and debate us, but we’re not going to listen.


Herschel Raven Wallet - best minimalist
Loved by many and durable as they come, this non-leather best minimalist wallet can take a beating.  It also has a money clip on the back for extra cards, currency or odd paper bits you might be carrying.  We own its companion passport wallet and love it.  Tough as nails.


Radix One Wallet - best minimalist
For those who don’t like the traditional money clippy thing attached to your thin wallet, the Radix has a silicone band. The band wraps around two polycarbonate pieces that hold all your cards, cash, other cards, etcin place like a sandwich.  Very sleek, easy to carry and with the thumb notches relatively easy to extract cards.


HUSKK Minimalist Wallet - best minimalist
Although odd looking, the function follows the design.  It’s got several little pocket areas to tuck away small bills, a few coins as well as two ways to store plastic or more cards.  The quick leather pull draws out the cards which are captured at the bottom by the loop, so extracting cards becomes a snap.  Designed in London, it can truly carry a fat wallets worth of things in a small footprint.  We also like it because it’s not all leather.  Non-traditional materials help make this list in our eyes.


Narwhal Co.  - best minimalist
We’d be foolish not to present one (or two) or our own on this list.  We believe in our products for several reasons, only one of which is that they are small.  Importantly, they are also eco-friendly, fabric-based so they’re soft, easy to carry and due to being polyester, last for years.  But beyond typical attributes we think they’re great because each one is unique.  These best minimalist wallets aren’t mass produced, each is a one-of-a-kind wallet.  What other wallet manufacturer can say that??


DPTR Clamshell Wallet - best minimalist
Beautiful simplicity in action here.  Supple leather with a sturdy, industrial grade elastic band to keep everything nice and neat.  Made from classic Horween leather on the exterior and sturdy pigskin on the inside, it’s easy to carry, fits nicely in your front pocket and is a joy to hold in your hand.  Capable of holding up to 12 cards and anything else you can fold and insert, this simple u-shaped wallet is elegance.


Dash 4.0 Wallet - best minimalist
I’m sure you’ve heard of a canvas fabric called “Saffiano”?  I didn’t either, but that and other plastic composites is what makes up the impressive Dash 4.0 Slim Travel Wallet.  With a 15 card capacity it can hold more than what you should be taking with you.  Fully loaded it’s still only 20mm thick, so front pocket carry is a breeze. The quick thumb draw window provides easy access to your most used cards and a cash slot makes the emergency cash carry easy without adding much bulk.  Check it out.


Shamrock Wallet - best minimalist
Deceptively plain, this wallet feels good.  With two horizontal card slots on one side, and two vertical on the other, it can already hold up to 8 cards.  Add to that an internal slot for keys, cash or small coins and you’ve got a well rounded and nicely crafted best minimalist wallet.  Originally started on Kickstarter, it’s proven itself as a durable wallet.


Tie-Slim Mens Wallet :: Narwhal Co. - best minimalist

And finally, this is the 1/2 portion of our wallet round up. Our best minimalist wallet can hang in there with the best of them, and as has been expressed before, each one is unique.  No mass production here and with that, I suggest you click here and begin your investigation of the perfect Narwhal wallet to meet your unique fashion.

Mark Ward
Mark Ward


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