Top 10 Sustainable Unique Wallets

October 20, 2017

Top 10 Sustainable Unique Wallets

Top 10 Sustainable Unique Wallets
Eco-friendly, ethical fashion is entirely underrated. These sustainable unique wallets will help you feel more consciously aware of what you use, just from using them. Not only are they reliable and creative to match your personality, they perform even better in terms of style, form and function than traditional wallets. 

We’ve created a list of minimalist wallets made from recyclable materials that we think are the best out there when it comes to outshining normal boring wallets. All of these products have an interesting story behind their creation, will be good for the environment, and allow you to be proactive in sustaining the ecosystem for future generations. 

Here is a list of the top 10 sustainable and unique wallets that will make you feel good about your life and the life of others all around the world. 

#1 Wood
As I’m sure you’re aware, there are many benefits to recycling and using recycled wood. Wood is a finite and extremely precious resource that should be protected instead of ignored. It can be transformed into a myriad of different products like mulch, wood pellets, compost additive, feedstock, animal bedding, and soil conditioner. Saving trees is important to the ecosystem because it reduces air pollution. Because trees take a long time to grow, the less we cut down, the better. 

A wooden wallet might sound strange, but you’d be surprised at how beautiful and useful it can be! There are many products out there now that will easily match a wooden wallet, like cell phone cases, watches, and jewelry. Only wood can bring an earthy yet modern feel to your everyday life.

This simple, slim wood wallet is high-quality, lightweight, fun and durable. It tucks well into backpacks, pockets, keeps your cards and cash secure and is easy to distinguish from other wallets so you’ll be less likely to lose it! Did I mention it floats?

#2 Cork
Cork is not something we regularly talk about when it comes to sustainable material, but we definitely should. It is another environmentally sustainable material with distinctive features, namely its grain, texture, and color. Cork comes from the cork oak tree, which grows in a large 6.6 million-acre forest that spans several countries including Spain, Morocco, Italy, and France. The species itself supports great levels of forest biodiversity. When cork is harvested, the tree is not cut down; instead, what is used is the outer bark of the cork oak tree. Cork as a low-density material is easily reused and ground to make agglomerated cork products and its chemical components can be recovered as fuel sources. 

Products made of cork are very resistant to wear and tear. Its components are antimicrobial, anti-static, water-resistant, buoyant, and fire-resistant. A wallet made of cork is especially good for people with allergies to other materials. 

Look at this for a slim, lightweight and minimal wallet made from cork. Its features include powerful magnets, RFID blocking and a sturdy money clip. 

#3 Vegan
Most of these wallets listed here in this article are, in fact, vegan. Purchasing a vegan wallet is the easiest way to give a little back to the world we live in. With materials that can produce a leather-like appearance and outlast non-vegan materials, there is no reason why we shouldn’t all have vegan wallets. 

If you’re worried about style, rest assured that vegan wallets are becoming increasingly fashion-forward. Vegan leather even feels just like leather. It is soft and comfortable and comes in a wide variety of looks and textures. 

If you want to take it one step further, go for an ethically-sourced vegan wallet like these.

#4 Paper
The benefits of using recycled paper products are pretty self-evident. They are versatile, tough, and won’t rip in case you’re wondering. Some paper wallets even come coated in a special biodegradable latex that provide an extra layer of shine and protection. 

One type of recycled paper material is called tyvek. Tyvek is a thin but sturdy, water-resistant material that you’ll often see in the lining of envelopes. It can come in different prints and colors, making tyvek wallets a functional piece of art. 

Here is a good example of art-meets-function is this eco-leather wallet.  It is made entirely of plant-based materials and comes in a very cool design. This wallet is made of natural banana fibers that were traditionally used throughout islands for weaving. It is also ethically manufactured, origami-inspired and hand-crafted, which makes for a great conversation starter. 

#5 Aluminum
Did you know that recycling just one aluminum can saves enough energy to listen to an iPod for over an hour? Aluminum is the most recyclable of all materials and discarded aluminum is more valuable than other items in your recycling bin. From cars, cans, foil, baking trays and pie pans to building parts, window frames, tubing and electronics, recycling aluminum is one of the most effective ways to avoid big costs to landfills. It can even be recycled directly back into itself, making it the number-one sustainable material. 

If you have an eye for sleek and stylish, an aluminum wallet is the way to go. It is durable, feels clean, and many companies offer custom engraving options. 

Aluminum wallets are usually recycled from pieces of old aircraft. This one in particular was machined from a single piece of solid 6061 high-grade aluminum, bead-blasted and anodized to create a protective coating. It holds cash securely and has enough space for up to six cards. 

#6 Carbon Fiber
Back in the day, recycling carbon fiber consisted of grinding it up and using it as filler for road building and laptop cases. Now, carbon fiber composite materials are used in the manufacturing of aircraft, consumer electronics, sporting goods and more. 

Carbon fiber has a high reputation of durability while being lightweight. If you like the aesthetic of the aluminum wallet but want something even more tough, check out this carbon fiber wallet. It is modern, masculine, slim, and looks great with both casual or formal wear. 

#7 Plastic
It is important, now more than ever, to recycle plastic to conserve energy and natural resources. The benefits of recycling plastic are numerous, if not imperative to the well-being of the earth and its animals. Plastic emits toxic fumes when it is combined in the landfills with other waste material. You can save energy, water, petroleum and the main ingredients to make virgin plastic by recycling. By using recycled plastic, you can also decrease pollution and help to clear landfill space. 

When it comes to fashion, plastic is versatile and allows for easy cleaning. This plastic-based wallet features automatic locks and more space to hold cards than the other wallets in this list. Its high-quality material prevents cards from cracking or being crushed under pressure.

#8 Fabric
When you take into account that over 80 billion garments are produced annually, it makes sense to recycle and to use recycled fabric. The benefits of recycling fabric include reduced consumption of energy and water, lessened demands for dyes and decreasing space requirements. In landfills, natural fibers can take generations to decompose. When they do, they release methane and carbon dioxide gas into the atmosphere and toxic substances into the soil and groundwater. Synthetic textiles are even worse—they are designed not to decompose at all.

The look and feel of a recycled textile wallet is comfortable, stylish, and unique. Since fabrics already come in a vast array of colors and textures, there is great potential in finding the design that fits you. One great thing I love about these wallets (which are actually made from recycled neckties—how cool is that?!) is that they are sewn by hand.

#9 Skateboard
Some of the coolest products are made with recycled skateboards, including lamps, iPhone stands, bottle openers, jewelry, picture frames, household furniture, and; of course, wallets. Wallets made of recycled skateboard like this one are one-of-a-kind. They come in different colors and styles, which are just as artsy as wallets made from recycled fabric but are sleek and smooth. 

These unique wallets are a great size, edgy but stylish, modern, and functional. From personal experience, I know they make great gifts as well. 

#10 Urethane
Urethane is a type of plastic but the process of recycling it happens differently. The material is reused in its polymer form but can also be taken back with chemicals into its various constituents. It can then be molded into sports mats, trim, sound-proofing applications, mattresses, carpet underlay and materials for the automotive industry. 

Urethane wallets are water-resistant, durable, virtually weightless but strong. These are possibly the most unique wallets you can find. This wallet comes in bright colors, which makes it great for adventurers and an active lifestyle. Its ultra-thin design is extremely minimal but reliable. It also holds up to 12 credit cards and has one large handy compartment for cash. 

Ditch the mentality of buying tired old brand names and go for something unique. After all, we are all unique in our own ways and have our own story to tell. It’s time to think above and beyond corporate cruelty and focus on sustainable, humanity-inspired ingenuity that comes from each of the products listed above. If you’ve enjoyed this list, be sure to share it.

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