Recycled Tie Wallets are Sociological Archeology with Love

November 10, 2016

Wallet fashion and sociological archeology

Woohoo, handmade tie wallets…what’s so special about them?  Men and women seem to make a hobby out of evaluating and purchasing all kinds of wallets and purses.  It’s like we can never be satisfied with what we find.  There always has to be something better either in function, form, design or comparison.  Fashion and ensemble matching also tends to drive up the number of wallets and purses we have.  I have a metal-based wallet for my suits and my Narwhal custom tie wallets for everything else…multiple Narwhal wallets.

But what do we find interesting when we talk about Narwhal tie wallets?  I would say that unlike mass produced wallets and purses, Narwhal products provide a one-of-a-kind experience.  We only create one of them in each style.  There’s a bit of a obfuscation there because we can usually get at least two unique wallets per tie, but they’re never in the same style.  Regardless, they’re original.  But there’s more to it than that, there's the sociological archeology that makes them fascinating.

Sociological Archeology

Each tie comes with history, there is a sociological archeology to what we create at Narwhal.  The tie used to make the wallet was once owned by someone.  The owners of these ties wore them to events, some happy, some tragic, some magical and finally, after it was all said and done, the tie, having served its purpose, was discarded.  Maybe the person changed styles, maybe they gave it to their son and he lost interest.  Or maybe the owner passed on and his belongings were donated.  The possibilities are endless and intriguing.

When you purchase a Narwhal product, it’s not like buying something from a thrift store.  Ties are a deeply personal thing, they’re rarely worn again by someone else unlike shorts, pants, shirts of coats. The process to create a fabric wallet is time consuming.

We like to think that to a degree we’re repurposing history; allowing owners of Narwhal products to bring history to life again.  Far different from melting a piece of plastic down to be remolded into something else, this is original fabric, repurposed to a higher calling.
What could provide a deeper tale of interest than to own a product with a past...

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