Why You Need to Perform a "Wallet Audit"

November 24, 2016

Why You Need to Perform a

As we move into the buying season (which frankly is ALL the time) it’s time to lighten the load in our wallets and slim down to the most minimalist wallet contents to avoid fiddling around trying to find something while everyone waits for you in line.  Nobody cares about the sentimental value of the hotel key you still have from your honeymoon.  They want you to pay and move out of the way!  Minimalist wallets drive the need for a wallet audit.  Unique wallets from companies like Narwhal Company provide an incentive to owners to do a wallet audit and reduce the things in their wallets.

So, to help assist in reducing the bulk, here is a step-by-step guide on performing a wallet audit.

Steps of the Wallet Audit

Empty out your entire wallet onto the table in front of you.  Do not leave anything in your wallet.  Put it all out there, there’s no reason to keep anything in your folder.

Categorize all of your contents into “like” groups.  All credit cards together, all ID’s together, all receipts, all business cards, etc.  These should all fit well into your target wallet.

Once grouped, take each pile and go through them carefully, following the decision tree below
Wallet Audit Decision Tree

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