Best 10 Unique Women’s Wallets

April 11, 2017

Best 10 Unique Women’s Wallets

The Best Unique Women’s Wallets

Life is too short to have anything be boring, including your wardrobe and accessories. It's even better when your accessories and style line up with your concern and care for the environment, and you find trendy items made from recycled products. One of my favorite accessories are women's wallets that are both artistic and functional.

The Best Material for Wallets

Let's talk about materials since the material you choose will either complement or clash with your clothing.  Wallets are used consistently, making it easy for them to break if they are made from poor quality materials.


Leather is a great material for wallets as it's highly durable and doesn't break or rip easily.  Not only are leather wallets durable, but they also look great and have a soft feel, getting better with time, making them both comfortable to carry and attractive to use.


Fabric is an environmentally friendly alternative to using leather or other materials for wallets as it can be material recycled from other items. From an old necktie, to recycled curtains, fabric wallets can be some of the best and most creative wallets around while benefiting our planet. They are also very light to carry and durable when the right material is used.

Other Materials (Tyvek, Duct Tape, Cork, etc.)

Nowadays, people look for new ways of creating everyday items, including wallets. While it may not be a material that you have seen often when it comes to wallets, cork, tyvek, and duct tape present unique alternatives to using leather or fabric for wallets and one that many people prefer. Cork is surprisingly soft to the touch yet durable, which makes it a strong and dependable material for wallets. Paperwallets use Tyvek and are very lightweight, but can be as durable as leather and because of the unique material and craftsmanship.  Due to the flexibility, Tyvek is used to create some of the most original wallets.

Where to Find Unique Women's Wallets

Now that you know the various materials available for unique women's wallets; some that are unique, beautiful and classy, you may wonder where to purchase them. Whether for gifts or for your personal use, the idea of having a wallet that is unique, is an attractive one.  Following are some of the best places to find unique women's wallets:


Etsy is where people go to find items that are original, artistic, and beautiful. Many artists, writers, and creators offer their crafts on the website, making it a favorite place for people to go shopping for unique accessories and items. It's a good place to find creative wallets.


Amazon has something that many other sites may not: a broad selection of reviews to read through and user experience. It also allows for unique browsing which provides you with links to other wallets that are like the one you want, but that may be better for you. There are plenty of unique and original wallets for sale there, from recognized brands to original pieces.

Wolf and Badger

For someone who is looking for a different type of wallet that isn't common, but that offers quality, the small retail, Wolf and Badger has unique and quality wallets for women that are both attractive and durable. They have items that you won't find anywhere else that are both stylish and dependable.

Narwhal Company

Small companies should be noticed, such as with Narwhal Company, which is the ideal place to get your wallet. Their wallets are unique, stylish, comfortable, and are sewn by hand. For a woman who is tired of using the same wallet as everyone else, a wallet from Narwhal Company will provide you with the originality you want.

The Best Unique Women's Wallets

10. The Castello Italian Leather Snap Billfold Wallet is stylish and chic

Castello Women's Watch

The Castello Italian Leather Snap Billfold Wallet is small enough to go in your pocket, but big enough to keep cards and cash. It's a classy chic wallet with no fuss designs which is slim yet spacious to ensure that a woman has everything she needs at all times. The magnetic closure helps to avoid items falling out, and with pockets on the outside and inside, it is a highly functional wallet.

It is made out of leather, which means it is a durable choice for you while also providing you with an original looking wallet that is easy to use.

9. Stand out with the KJORE Project (Evolution of Goods) – Phone & Card Clutch Wallet

KJORE Women's Wallet

This unique wallet is ideal for women who like to keep everything they need in one place to ensure that they have it when they need it. From the space for your phone, the zippered pouch to keep extra change and cash in, to the pockets for your cards, it is a wallet that is drama free, making it easy for women to find what they need when they need. It is made from leather, making it a durable and long-lasting option for you.

8. Keep it quick with the Vera Bradley Zip ID Card

The Vera Bradley Zip Card wallet is both pretty and feminine, but highly functional. It is made from cotton and can fit into your pocket or be hooked onto your keychain. It has interior pockets where you can fit cards or cash. The Vera Bradley Zip ID Card Case has a window for your ID so you don't have to worry about taking it out. Because of its small size, it can fit anywhere and may be a good accessory for women who are always on the run who want to carry what they need all the time. It also comes in many different patterns.

7. Be unique with the Nurimu Handmade Snakeskin Wallet


Nurimu Wallet

The Nurimu wallet is anything but boring, with its highly unique design. It is reminiscent of the 1980's with its flashy and colorful design lending it to a retro feel for the stylish lady who loves eye-catching accessories. Apart from its interesting design, it is a functional wallet made from leather that is durable and useful. It comes with 9 slips for cards, has enough room for your phone and ID's, plus enough room for cash. It closes with a button for safe keeping of your valuables, and has a change purse. While it has everything that you may need in a wallet, it a slim enough to carry with you on your person or in your purse.  While it has everything that you may need in a wallet, it a slim enough wallet to carry with you on your person or in your purse.

6. Make a statement with the Marrakesh Embroidered Mini Pouch!

Marrakesh Women's Wallet

This wallet is beautifully embroidered with red, blue, turquoise, and yellow flower designs and is made from cruelty-free leather which offers durability and peace of mind. The design has a Moroccan style to it making it an exotic addition for your purse or pocket. While it is small enough for easy carrying, it has enough space for your cash, cards, and even your phone. It has an interior pocket and zips on top, making it a safe way to carry what you need.

5. The Modcloth Caricature Women's Wallets are fun and sassy!

Modcloth unique wallet

Whether you like cats or mushrooms, flowers or birds, Modcloth Caricature Women's Wallets come with fun and trendy designs that can help you stand out. They are medium sized wallets that allow for plenty of space for your items while still being small enough to fit in a small clutch purse. It has a zippered compartment to fit your cash or change, lots of pocket slips for your cards, and it is made ou from fake leather.

4. The Narwhal Company Tie-Fold Wallet reminds you to recycle!

Tie-Fold Wallet :: Narwhal Co.

This is one of the most unique women's wallets around as Narwhal Company makes them from recycled neckties. Women whom are tired of using the average leather plain-colored wallet will appreciate the uniqueness of the different designs that Narwhal Company offers. There is space for cards, large pockets for cash, and because of the unique material, it is comfortable to fit into pockets and easy to carry. Besides its functionality, this wallet is a fabulous idea for being one of the most environmentally friendly wallets around.

3. The Liebeskind Berlin Kiwif7 is toughly unique!

Made from cow leather with cotton lining, the Liebeskind Berlin wallet is a highly durable wallet that is both unique and functional for women's use. The zipper closure allows for spare change to be kept safely, while it also allows for room for cash, cards, and little items that you always want to have with you. It's camouflage print makes it a unique accessory for women who are tired of the average print or plain leather.

2. The Covelin Women's Small Leather Clutch Cards Wallet is on pointe!

This wallet is one-of-a-kind in its appearance. It has somewhat of a glossy feel and look to it that makes it a unique accessory for any woman's purse. It is made from cow leather which means it is a long-lasting purchase. Something that the Covelin wallet has that women will love is its zipper closure, which helps them be sure nothing will ever fall out.  It is spacious enough to carry cards, cash, and anything you may want to keep with you, but small enough to be carried in a pocket or clutch bag. It is offered in a variety of colors, so that there is a color for every unique taste.

1. Itslife Women's Compact Leather Wallet

Our top rated wallet is perfect for someone who likes it simple and to the point, while still being able to choose a fun color. The Itslife wallet comes in a large variety of colors from fuchsia to gray which means there is something for everyone. It is a small wallet that can undoubtedly fit into your pocket, yet it still offers space for the things you need to take with you. It has a change purse with a zipper, pockets for your credit cards, a slip for cash, a display for your ID, and a snap closure.  Although not really important, the RFID protection might be useful.


If you needed ideas for a new wallet for you or a gift for a friend, this list may help you get started. Did you find any wallet that suits your unique personality? As someone who is always looking for ways to care about the environment while keeping it stylish with my accessories, I found these wallets to be some of the best and most unique ones around. Let me know what you think about these interesting and original wallets.

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