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Narwhal Company :: Tie-Passport holder - made from only the largest ties we can find, these one-of-a-kind passport holders are not only unique, but incredibly functional. Able to carry your passport in the right-hand pocket it provides 2 additional card slots on the left-hand side, which can hold 4-6 cards, as well as a built-in travel pen holder and pen.  

If you’ve traveled you know that when you’re landing in a foreign destination, you’re handed arrival forms which need to be filled out.  The problem is, who carries a pen with them anymore?  And why would you carry a pen just to fill out the paperwork?  The reality is we don’t!  So we solve this problem for you!  Always available, this small, metal, travel pen is easily used for pesky paperwork, then put back into the convenient slot in your passport holder.  Heavy gauge metal along with an easy to hold size, makes this a sturdy pen for any use.

The full effect of the beautiful necktie design is on complete display on the back.  Each Tie-Passport comes with the following:
  • 1 passport slot
  • 2 interior card slots (each slot can hold 2-3 cards)
  • 1 pen slot
  • 1 Narwhal travel pen