LTHR Fold - Brown w/Pens


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Quality and the ability to have zero waste is a guiding principle at NarwhalCo, so when we began thinking on many requests to produce a leather version of our wallets, we had to come up with the right design and the right material.  With that challenge accepted we produced a high-quality wallet that carries the NarwhalCo pen natively and provides the same ease of use and compactness expected from all NarwhalCo products.
  • UNIQUE 2-UP/2-DOWN DESIGN - with card placement in the popular and proven 2-up/2-down design, the NarwhalCo Leather wallet balances the thickness of the wallet evenly while providing quick access
  • QUICK ACCESS CARD SLOT- exterior exterior card slot for quick access to cards or for tap payment.
  •  BIFOLD CARD WALLET WITH PEN IN MINIMALIST SIZE -  at only 4" L (10.16cm) by 3" W (7.62cm) by .7" H (1.78cm) and weighing 54g, you have a bifold card wallet able to handle 8+ cards, plus folded currency, all in a front-pocket wallet.
  • INTEGRATED PEN - make quick access to a writing instrument easy with the popular NarwhalCo pen (you receive two, choose your color when adding the wallet) along with its LIFETIME WARRANTY and LIFETIME FREE REFILLS with registration.
  • EXCELLENT TOP GRAIN LEATHER - chrome tanned which helps provides a soft, supple finish without jeopardizing durability
The integrated pen from NarwhalCo provides quick access to the most usable, small sturdy pen on the market.  With registration, lifetime free refills and warranty coverage is also provided.