Jungle Blur

REDUCED IN PRICE. Whether it's a glue mark from the original tie, a stain that can't be remedied, or other quality control items we weren't happy with, the price for this wallet has been reduced, but otherwise is fully functional.

Narwhal Company :: Tie Fold Wallet - Most unique men’s wallet you’ll ever own. Made from vintage, recycled, polyester, neckties, this bi-fold wallet always has interesting patterns for a one-of-a-kind conversation piece. It has the largest capacity of the tie wallets produced by Narwhal.

Each side of the interior has two card pockets, which can each hold 2-3 cards, with an additional inside pocket on each side. So there are six individual places to put cards, cash, keys or anything else, all the while keeping a minimal profile. The wallet space savings is great for men and women also appreciate them for easy purse to purse transfers at a moments notice.
  • 4 inside card slots, 2 on each side when opened (each slot can hold 2-3 cards)
  • 2 inside pockets, 1 on each side (each pocket can hold 3-4 cards or other items)

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