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Continuing NarwhalCo's mission to create unique and beautiful products using recycled or reclaimed material, it now introduces the Eco-Wallet Collection.  Each wallet is made from limited-run patterned fabric created from recycled material in factories certified in green manufacturing processes.  Every pattern has a different story, click through and read the unique background behind each and find your uniqueness.

Take care, each of these patterns have limited manufacturing runs, only available as fabric inventory from the manufacturers allows. So if you see something you like, snag it while you can!

Each side of the interior has two card pockets, which can each hold 2-3 cards, with an additional inside pocket on each side. So there are six individual places to put cards, cash, keys or anything else, all the while keeping a minimal profile. The wallet space savings is great for men and women also appreciate them for easy purse to purse transfers at a moments notice.
  • 4 inside card slots, 2 on each side when opened (each slot can hold 2-3 cards)
  • 2 inside pockets, 1 on each side (each pocket can hold 3-4 cards or other items)


  • Wear test - 75,000 Double Rubs (Wyzenbeek, Cotton Duck)
  • Contents - 43% High Energy Dyed PI Recycled Polyester, 21% Polyester, 36% Solution-Dyed Nylon