Accessories made from recycle ties we rescued from your grandpa's closet. They're Unique, Like You.


Vintage Neckties

Narwhal Co. products originate from gently used vintage neckties, which we recycle into handmade, one-of-a-kind accessories. Our goal is to create an accessory that feels as good to own as it does to make.


While you browse the site, keep in mind that the accessories you view are the only one of their kind. If you purchase something, rest assured you won't see another person sporting something identical. On the flip side, if you eye something and don't act quickly, it could be gone forever…

How To Use Our Store

Because our accessories are one of a kind, we need to make sure two people don't purchase the same item simultaneously. So, when you add something to your cart, nobody else can add it to theirs. But if you don't buy the item or visit a new page on our site for 15 minutes the accessory will be up for grabs again.