Custom Wallet Orders!

Custom Narwhal Wallet Ordering

For those wanting something even more unique and special, Narwhal can fulfill custom wallet orders!

Many times customers have ties with sentimental value, from their Father, Grandfather, other close family members or friends.  Sometimes the sentiment is from a personal experience like graduation, missionary service or travel experiences.

Special occasions have also been a favorite. Custom Narwhal tie wallets for wedding groomsmen, University memorability ties, company promotions, or sports fans who convert a team tie.  Whatever it might be, if it's a normal sized tie, it can be made into a wallet.


Please remember that the best tie material is 100% polyester.  Anything else and it will wear quicker and possibly fray.  Polyester is all we use....any of the heavy fabric versions work wonderful, one's from the 1970's are primo, but all polyester works great!


The time required from receipt of ties until we ship it out to you on special orders is 3 weeks.  We create one wallet per tie, please specify the style you'd like; Tie-Fold, Tie-Rack or Tie-Slim.  If the ties are not new, please dry-clean them as we are not responsible for any stains if they are used.
When you're ready, send them to the following:

c/o Mark Ward
Narwhal Company
125 E Main St #333
American Fork, Utah 84003

You will need to ship the tie(s) to us, we'll take care of the rest and ship them back to you.


The cost is $30 per tie wallet and includes shipping back to you (United States shipping is free, International rates apply).  When they're ready to ship, you will receive an email with a payment link.  It's that simple.

Feel free to contact with any questions or just send the tie with instructions, including what style of wallet you'd like.